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13th of Apr 2014 • 02:24 PM • 13 notes

Image from here.

Why the hell can’t I find a decent picture of a pokemon or at least a furry being a mom or a dad? No nsfw content just maybe a mom holding her baby/egg or dad, or maybe even the mom just being in the last few months being all cute about it? :(

12th of Apr 2014 • 09:36 PM • 17 notes

Image from here.

Sometimes I act like I hate popular fursuiters, or avoid them. But in reality, I’m jealous of all of the attention and publicity they get. How people will excitedly scream their names when they walk up, whereas I’m just another regular in a cat suit.

12th of Apr 2014 • 08:57 PM • 1 note

Click the image for a link <3

As always, feel free to recommend ideas.

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12th of Apr 2014 • 07:12 PM • 7 notes

I know I shouldn’t be but I am afraid of telling my IRL friends and family about me being a furry, I havn’t even told them I like to draw and that I use dA/FA.
I’m scared telling anyone will ruin the rest of my highschool days.

12th of Apr 2014 • 04:48 PM • 16 notes

Image from here.

I just finished paying DHC for a fursuit due out in March of next year… I still haven’t told my parents for fear of how they’d react when they find out how much I spent on it. I don’t know how I’ll tell them about it when it comes in the mail, either…

5th of Apr 2014 • 01:56 PM • 268 notes


I really love Dr. Phil in this.

This girl is a furry and goes to cons and such. Her mom didn’t like it because she feels that she’s wasting her life with it. Doctor Phil is like “I don’t care what you do with your hobbies but you have to be a productive member of society.”

It’s not about the furry fandom, it’s not showing them in a negative light, it’s about having to grow up.

Also her suit is totally awesome.

(via korolax)

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16th of Feb 2014 • 07:40 AM • 3 notes
Anonymous asked: No, go into the NSFW aspect. Kink-shame. I dare you. Tell everyone into Babyfur/violence/rp!noncon that they're WRONG for simply liking what they do despite having never hurt *anyone* or forced it OR UNDERSTANDING OF IT on *ANYONE*. Please. I'd like to hear this.

I never said I thought it was wrong for simply liking something if someone never hurt anyone. I do not have some in depth, moral hatred for any of those kinks, and extrapolating a list of the ones you did, because of the one that I answered about, is assuming my beliefs. Please don’t do that, you do not know me.
It simply makes me uncomfortable, that is all. I do not like seeing sexualized cubs. (My hard limit when it comes to nsfw art is 16, if you need to know). I didn’t feel it was necessary for me to go into my feelings on the subject. I said I didn’t want to risk kink-shaming because I’m sure some babyfur following this blog would have their feelings hurt if I said that it, personally, skeeves me out as a kink. And that is only my own comfort level, I’m not explicitly or deliberately calling anyone out for having a kink.
Are you going to send another confrontational ask just because I am uncomfortable with it? Because if you do please just come off anon and I can answer you privately if you want to have a conversation on the topic.

15th of Feb 2014 • 10:57 PM • 7 notes
Anonymous asked: im a babyfur and its no fetish or anything (im grey a and any fetishes really usually disgust me in general).. but im scared people will look down on me for this... what do you think of beings who just draw them? not adult babies or anything but just artists who draw cubs and stuff?

What do I think? I don’t have a problem with people who draw cute, innocent little cubs with no sexual context. I can see why you are worried, a lot of people that are babyfurs are as such because it is a kink, and many people link it to pedophilia.

If you are a babyfur but it is just something you find enjoyable and think it’s cute/comforting or whatever, I see no problem.

At the risk of kink shaming however, I won’t go into my feelings on the NSFW aspect.

15th of Feb 2014 • 10:34 PM • 6 notes
Anonymous asked: I need advice, I used to hate furries like a lot because I was scared if i joined the fandom everyone will hate me. When I started going through my sketchbook from 6th grade all i drew were furries... I really like furries because it represents a part of me but idk how my bffs and bf will take it because they dont really like the furry fandom...

If you feel it is an important part of you I say go ahead and express yourself and enjoy what you’re doing with your art and personal expression! If you feel that others will judge you maybe it is better not to outwardly tell them. There is no sense being secretive about liking animal people, but keep drawing and if they notice I’m sure it wont be a big deal.

13th of Feb 2014 • 05:13 PM • 3 notes
Anonymous asked: Hi, I've been struggling with this for a few months now... but lately, I've noticed I tend to have strong lustful feelings for anthropomorphic wolves, foxes, and demons with similar appearances, bordering on fetishistic... but I never envision myself as anything but human when in a ~fantasy... does this make me a furry, something else, or just sick in the head? (Sorry, I just don't really have anyone to ask, and google was WAY less than helpful. I swear I'm not trolling.)

I am not a mental health expert but in my opinion: It’s not a problem unless you feel your fantasies are going to infringe on your real world actions and activities. I’m sure a good number of others have felt similar to at least some degree.
Remember that fantasies are just that: fantasy.

13th of Feb 2014 • 05:07 PM • 11,129 notes



(h/t GayWrites)

10th of Feb 2014 • 05:25 PM • 217,789 notes





important psa about buns

We raised rabbits when I was a child and my sister gave a rabbit a bath (she was 5) and it heed this instruction.

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but then I realized I might save a rabbit.

This is important guys. If your rabbit gets into something gnarly and you HAVE to bathe them:
1. Fill a bowl with warm water.
2. Get a washcloth. Put it in the water. Squeeze it out until it is just damp. 
3. Lightly scrub the dirty area on your bun.
4. That is it. DO NOT get your bun wet. Only slightly damp on the part that was dirty. 

(via miamispaceport)

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10th of Feb 2014 • 11:58 AM • 5 notes
Anonymous asked: Would it be ok to go to comic con in fursuit?

I don’t see why not! Just be safe, like at any other con.

10th of Feb 2014 • 11:34 AM • 1 note
the-question-of-life asked: Just a shout out to your website. It is amazing. There should be more furs on it. And I like all the animations you added, great computers skills.

Wow, this is from 2 months ago. Thank you very much though! But animations? Like when you hover over buttons? Thanks!